User guide

About us

Includes basic information about the App.

Briefly presents the interactive analytical tool UN SanctionsApp and its main purposes.

Outlines the different ways in which UN SanctionsApp can be accessed and saved to your device.

Presents the team of scholars responsible for creating and maintaining the App.

Presents the main sections of the App.

Presents the Targeted Sanctions Consortium (TSC) project, on whose findings the App is built.

Outlines the history of the App since its creation in 2013.

Specifies the owners of the intellectual property rights for UN SanctionsApp.

Provides guidance on how to attribute information obtained from UN SanctionsApp.

Specifies where to find additional information on the project and the team of scholars responsible for creating and updating UN SanctionsApp.

Provides an email address where comments or questions about UN SanctionsApp can be sent.