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Presents interesting facts about UN sanctions.

Visual overview of all countries where UN sanctions were imposed in the post-Cold War period.

Summary information about the number and status of UN sanctions regimes imposed since the end of the Cold War.

Collection of notable “firsts” in UN sanctioning practices, including the first imposition of individually targeted sanctions, the first sanctions imposed on a non-state armed group, or the first sanctions applied to address nuclear proliferation.

Overview of the frequency with which the UN Security Council imposes different types of sanctions (by episode).

Overview of the different policy objectives for which the UN Security Council employs sanctions (by episode).

Distribution of purposes across the different cases of UN sanctions, including their relative priority (by episodes).

Overview of the effectiveness with which UN sanctions are able to achieve their objectives (by purpose).

Overview of the frequency with which UN sanctions lead to different unintended consequences.

Summary information about countries leading the drafting of key UN sanctions resolutions (i.e. those that start a new sanctions regime or a new sanctions episode within a case).

Overview of the time it takes the UN Security Council to impose sanctions in different situations.

Indication of the degree to which UN sanctions are embedded in a broader political context, including regime change, conflict spillover, and sanctions by other actors.

Overview of the frequency with which UN sanctions are used together with other policy instruments.