Haiti I


16 June 1993 - 16 October 1994
(over 1 year)
Peace enforcement, Democracy support
Sanction Types
  • Asset freeze (government asset freeze, asset transfer)
  • Arms (arms imports embargo)
  • Commodity (petroleum ban)
  • Comprehensive (May - October 1994)
Non-UN Sanctions
Regional (OAS), Unilateral (US, other)
Other Policy Instruments
Diplomacy, Peace operations, Threat of military force, Use of military force


Less than four months after the OAS adopted the Santiago Commitment to Democracy in June 1991, a military coup overthrew Haiti's first democratically elected government in the history of the country in late September 1991. The OAS imposed sanctions (initially a voluntary trade embargo) on the regime within a month of the coup, and some unilateral measures were imposed by the US (visa restrictions on supporters of the C├ędras regime).