Diplomatic / Mandatory

Limit visas

(a) General

Decides that all States shall take the necessary measures:

(b) To suspend or cancel all travel documents, visas or residence permits issued to senior UNITA officials and adult members of their immediate families, as designated in accordance with paragraph 11 (a) below, with the exceptions referred to in subparagraph (a) above;

UNSCR 1127 (1997), Paragraph 4

(b) Including expulsion

Decides that all States shall:

(c) Take all appropriate steps to deny entry to or expel Libyan nationals who have been denied entry or expelled from other States because of their involvement in terrorist activities;

UNSCR 748 (1992), Paragraph 6

Further decides that the measures set out in paragraph 4 above shall not apply to cases of medical emergency or to flights of aircraft carrying food, medicine, or supplies for essential humanitarian needs, as approved in advance by the Committee created pursuant to resolution 864 (1993);

UNSCR 1127 (1997), Paragraph 5