Implementation design / Implementation / Enforcement of sanctions

(a) Arms inspection

Authorizes UNOCI and the French forces which support it, within their capacity and without prejudice to their mandate set out in resolution 1528 (2004) and paragraph 3 below:

(a) To monitor the implementation of the measures imposed by paragraph 7 of resolution 1572 (2004), in cooperation with the group of experts referred to in paragraph 7 below, and, as appropriate, with the United Nations Mission in Liberia, the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone and Governments concerned, including by inspecting, as they deem it necessary and as appropriate without notice, the cargo of aircraft and of any transport vehicle using the ports, airports, airfields, military bases and border crossings of Côte d’Ivoire;

UNSCR 1584 (2005), Paragraph 2

(b) Arms seizure

Authorizes MONUC to seize or collect, as appropriate, the arms and any related matériel whose presence in the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo violates the measures imposed by paragraph 20 of resolution 1493, and to dispose of such arms and related matériel as appropriate;

UNSCR 1533 (2004), Paragraph 4

(a) Force size

Further decides to increase the military component of UNAMSIL to a strength of 17,500, including the 260 military observers already deployed, as recommended by the Secretary-General in paragraphs 99 and 100 of his report;

UNSCR 1346 (2001), Paragraph 2

(b) Time

Decides to extend the mandate of MONUC until 30 June 2010 and further decides that, in view of the new phase that has been reached in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United Nations mission in that country, MONUC, shall, as from 1 July 2010, bear the title of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO);

UNSCR 1925 (2010), Paragraph 1